Products Certification

No. M 438343

No. M 482488

No. M 482838

No. M 494390

No. M 500351

No. M 502951

No. M 527609

No. M 527155

No. M 535707

No. M 590085

No. M 330980

No.M 3375661

No. M 388095

No. M 370178

No.M 404488

No. M 421589

No.M 432134

No.M 436428

No.M 452830

No.M 474734

No.M 479820

No.M 501635

Provide customers with improved design and new creation of process equipment parts and mechanisms, and also have domestic and foreign companies in the semiconductor/optoelectronic industry to jointly research, develop and apply for patents, thereby improving process yield and reducing process pollution factors.

Warde Tec is mainly engaged in design, research and development, maintenance and related industrial services of semiconductor and TFT-LCD equipment parts. It is a major semiconductor equipment parts design factory in the world.

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