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Warde Tec provides Semiconductor, TFT-LCD and Biomedical, solar energy industry process equipment parts design, R&D, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and other related services, is a design with manufacturing. Warde Tec provides multi-directional design and material with in manufacturing process integration expertise, had cooperates with customers to develop or improve and customize more than 6,000 kinds of process parts products, it is improve customer process yield and reduce man-made or other multiple factors, cost save, reduce customer operating costs; improve machine utilization and competitiveness.

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Integration of material development and production technology

Wade Technology is mainly engaged in design, research and development, maintenance and related industrial services of semiconductor and optoelectronic equipment parts. It is a major domestic semiconductor equipment parts design factory. Based on professional technology and entrepreneurship, we have strictly adhered to quality so far, and we can solve any of your problems. The service quality with professional experience in the industry, which has been recognized by all walks of life and won a good reputation. We welcome your inquiry! The company’s R&D team has excellent parts development capabilities, and provides customized high-quality semiconductor parts according to customer needs, effectively reducing customer operating costs, increasing machine utilization and competitiveness.

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Adhering to the quality policy of “Quality First, Customer Satisfaction”, in Semiconductor, TFT-LCD, and other industries, we co-developed to solve customer problems, achieve customers goals, and achieve sustainable business goals. With professional, honest, pragmatic and innovative business philosophy, we are always keeping developing our own products for company sustainable business. We wish that through the efforts of Warde Tec, we keeping improve in quality and reduce error rate so that customers’ partners can be more competitive.


Warde Tec focusing on design and manufacture of Semiconductor and TFT-LCD production equipment process consumer parts, its combination of design, manufacturing experience and technology with raw materials. And connection between the high technology and traditional industries, using of Taiwan’s traditional processing advantages into the high technology demand, and enhanced Taiwan’s technology equipment self-production technology capabilities.

International Certification

In order to ensure product quality and improve the company’s physique, the company passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality control system in March 2009, hoping to improve the quality of related products through the establishment of this system, in order to meet the needs of customers.

Warde Tec is mainly engaged in design, research and development, maintenance and related industrial services of semiconductor and TFT-LCD equipment parts. It is a major semiconductor equipment parts design factory in the world.

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